Thursday, December 10, 2009

Haymarket and Strikes

Haymarket Strikes-I believe that if workers are treated fairly then they have the right to strike. I think that the strike at Haymarket was justified but that the violent part wasn't. It is your right to protest but to do it within the boundries of the law and murder is against the law.
Womens Rights- Just like above woman used protest to get what they wanted. They fought for their right to vote and made sure that they brought attention to their cause. But they kept it peaceful unlike Haymarket.
I Have A Dream- I think that what Martin Luther King Jr. said was correct and that his words were the truth and that it needed to be said. Doctor King had always stayed with the idea of peaceful protest and that they must always march ahead. Even in the face of terrible police brutality he stayed to the cause of peaceful protest. He knew that the way to acheive civil rights was to protest and take a moral highground over the those that appossed them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is the worth of a human being?
I believe that the worth of a is something a price cannot be put on but our society trys to do anyway. We try to riase ourselves above each other with material and status jobs. But in reality one human life is the same as another. We are all the same, when you get down to the bare minimum everyone is the same.
Name as many miniorties-Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddists,
Now put percentages- Latinos-24%, African-Americans-25%, Asians-20%, Jews-30%, Catholics-45%, Muslims-25%, Hindus and Buddhists-8%.
How is worth determined in the U.S
Worth is determined mostly by money in the U.S.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Washington Post topics

Five things from the Washington Post
1)Sarah Palin's Book sells one million copies, How is this possible.
2)Tiger Woods allgeded affair- Another thing that people should just ignore this is dumber than the ballon boy scandal.
3)Our Difficult Task,teaching Afghans leadership-Hopefully the Afghan military and Government can get the stuff together and finally take over but after the elections I have lost faith of their ability to do anything maybe new ways of teaching can get them to realize it's their future.
4)D.C.Council votes to legalize same-sex marriage-I believe that everyone deserves the same rights regardless of your sexual orientation. Good for the D.C. council.
5)Senate Health Bill gets a boost-The Post says that the bill will not increase costs for most people, hopefully this will let the bill pass.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

In Common Sense Thomas Paine attacks the British government and they way they do things. He says that since a monarchy can have flaws it shouldn't be based on a hereditary system because the wrong people will end up in power. He doesn't agree with the idea of a king being in charge and says, "In America the Law is King". Paine also says that the Americans should call for independence now and that they could win a war against the British if they united. I believe that Paine is correct in everything he says especially that the law should be king. The law has no bias so it is a perfect "king". I also believe he was right on saying that America should call for independence and fight the British. Thomas Paine was a smart guy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jefferson and Locke

I believe that Jefferson's statement, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is like what Locke is saying but Locke has property instead of happiness. Jefferson may have wanted this statement to be a focal part of his work and so he may of put this in because it does sound better like that. Jefferson could have defiantly read Locke and it is probable that he got this idea from Locke and decided it was good enough for the Declaration of Independence.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Locke-Second Treaties of Civil Government

John Locke discusses the different ways that people interact with their government and the relationship with the law of Nature
Locke speaks on the state of nature and says that men must observe the laws of nature and follow them. He says that all should be equal and that men should not harm each other or violate each others rights under the laws of nature.
Locke then goes on to speak about how man can be free of government and be his on lord, but that most give this up and allow themselves to be governed so that they can have security. Basically man gives up his rights to absolute freedom so that his property and life are not in danger. Also when we allow ourselves to be governed we give up two rights we have under the law of nature. First we give up the freedom to do whatever we please to preserve ourselves, we let the government set up laws and take control. We also give up the right to punish those that have committed a crime and allow the government to do that as well.
Locke makes good points in this and it is obvious that he made an impact on our society since we give up some natural rights and allow our government to do things for us. Locke's idea was very good people let a government protect them and set up laws to convict those that have committed a crime that way personal feelings don't get involved in those matters.