Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Washington Post topics

Five things from the Washington Post
1)Sarah Palin's Book sells one million copies, How is this possible.
2)Tiger Woods allgeded affair- Another thing that people should just ignore this is dumber than the ballon boy scandal.
3)Our Difficult Task,teaching Afghans leadership-Hopefully the Afghan military and Government can get the stuff together and finally take over but after the elections I have lost faith of their ability to do anything maybe new ways of teaching can get them to realize it's their future.
4)D.C.Council votes to legalize same-sex marriage-I believe that everyone deserves the same rights regardless of your sexual orientation. Good for the D.C. council.
5)Senate Health Bill gets a boost-The Post says that the bill will not increase costs for most people, hopefully this will let the bill pass.

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