Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Locke-Second Treaties of Civil Government

John Locke discusses the different ways that people interact with their government and the relationship with the law of Nature
Locke speaks on the state of nature and says that men must observe the laws of nature and follow them. He says that all should be equal and that men should not harm each other or violate each others rights under the laws of nature.
Locke then goes on to speak about how man can be free of government and be his on lord, but that most give this up and allow themselves to be governed so that they can have security. Basically man gives up his rights to absolute freedom so that his property and life are not in danger. Also when we allow ourselves to be governed we give up two rights we have under the law of nature. First we give up the freedom to do whatever we please to preserve ourselves, we let the government set up laws and take control. We also give up the right to punish those that have committed a crime and allow the government to do that as well.
Locke makes good points in this and it is obvious that he made an impact on our society since we give up some natural rights and allow our government to do things for us. Locke's idea was very good people let a government protect them and set up laws to convict those that have committed a crime that way personal feelings don't get involved in those matters.

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