Thursday, December 10, 2009

Haymarket and Strikes

Haymarket Strikes-I believe that if workers are treated fairly then they have the right to strike. I think that the strike at Haymarket was justified but that the violent part wasn't. It is your right to protest but to do it within the boundries of the law and murder is against the law.
Womens Rights- Just like above woman used protest to get what they wanted. They fought for their right to vote and made sure that they brought attention to their cause. But they kept it peaceful unlike Haymarket.
I Have A Dream- I think that what Martin Luther King Jr. said was correct and that his words were the truth and that it needed to be said. Doctor King had always stayed with the idea of peaceful protest and that they must always march ahead. Even in the face of terrible police brutality he stayed to the cause of peaceful protest. He knew that the way to acheive civil rights was to protest and take a moral highground over the those that appossed them.

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